ALITRAX at Adelaide 500


ALITRAX celebrates its exclusive Australasian Partnership with EM Motorsport at the 2023 Adelaide 500

Alitrax is thrilled to have showcased its exclusive partnership with EM Motorsport, solidifying its position as the sole Australasian partner for the renowned motorsport safety solutions provider.

Under a long-term contract with the prestigious Adelaide 500 event, Alitrax has successfully delivered the EM Motorsport FIA Grade 3 panels strategically positioned in high-incident areas of the Adelaide Street circuit. The seamless implementation of this safety infrastructure was complemented by on-site support from Alitrax throughout the week. Notably, EM Motorsports Flag Point Lighting and the EM Safety Marshalling system made their debut in Australia during this event.

The highlight of the collaboration was the introduction of the FIA-homologated Grade 3 Safety light system and EFS software, seamlessly integrated with Alitrax's start lights, all flawlessly managed from the race control centre. Despite challenging weather conditions at the outset of the Adelaide 500 Supercars event, including wet weather and numerous accidents necessitating continuous use of the lights, the system demonstrated exceptional reliability throughout the weekend.

Powered by a sophisticated combination of a fiber optic ring, solar energy, and a 24V battery system, the integrated solution showcased unparalleled performance, reinforcing Alitrax's commitment to cutting-edge technology in motorsport safety.

Looking ahead, Alitrax and EM Motorsport are excited about the prospects of their integrated solution, which combines the best of Alitrax's solutions and implementation services with EM Motorsport's world-leading safety solutions. The collaborative efforts are set to extend across Australasia and Asia, with plans for ongoing demonstrations and implementations through 2024 and beyond.


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