ALITRAX and EM Motorsport: Announcement of Partnership

ALITRAX and EM Motorsport Unite to Elevate Motorsport Safety Standards in Australia and New Zealand

ALITRAX, a leading provider of Motorsport Safety Solutions, is excited to announce its new partnership with EM Motorsport, the global leader in safety equipment and circuit management technology. As the authorized dealer for EM Motorsport in Australia and New Zealand, ALITRAX is poised to deliver unparalleled safety innovations to the motorsport industry in the region.

EM Motorsport is renowned for its commitment to the innovation of safety technology and unwavering dedication to producing high-quality products for race circuits.

EM Motorsport's FIA/FIM Homologated Digital Flag Panels provide real-time, high-resolution displays of flags and information warnings to drivers trackside. The Electronic Marshalling System manages this along with GPS Car positioning, communication between Race Control, cars on the circuit, and driver information through a visual display on the car's dash. The integration of these systems seamlessly merges their functionalities to form a comprehensive integrated solution.

Leveraging the expertise gained from their development in Formula 1, EM Motorsport has successfully crafted this integrated solution that not only enhances safety but also optimizes race management, setting new standards for motorsport operations.

The company has solidified its position as the chosen supplier of safety management solutions for FIA Formula 1 and NTT IndyCar Series, including iconic events such as the Le Mans 24-hour race, MotoGP, and the Isle of Man TT. ALITRAX is proud to bring these world-class safety solutions to circuits in Australia and New Zealand.

With this partnership, ALITRAX strengthens its proven product range by further enhancing the ability to serve the motorsport industry locally. Becoming the authorized dealer for EM Motorsport, ALITRAX ensures that circuits in Australia and New Zealand have access to the most advanced safety management systems in the world. All EM Motorsport products will come fully backed and supported locally by ALITRAX, guaranteeing exceptional service and supporting race circuit investments now and into the future.

"We are excited to partner with EM Motorsport, a company at the top of its leadership and innovative safety technologies. This collaboration allows us to bring the very best safety management solutions to circuits here in Australia and New Zealand. We are convinced that the EM Motorsport solution will complement the ALITRAX product range and significantly enhance the safety standards of our region's motorsport industry." - Andrew Holden, Managing Director, ALITRAX

ALITRAX aims to elevate the safety standards across the region and provide circuit managers with the tools they need, to ensure the well-being of drivers, staff, and spectators.

“We're extremely excited to be partnering with ALITRAX in Australia and New Zealand to deliver our leading motorsport safety solutions, used at the highest level of competition globally. Our Digital Flag Panels, combined with our Electronic Marshalling System, offer race directors a full and clear view of the on-track action, as well as the best tools to control the event. Australia and New Zealand have a fantastic presence in the world of motorsport; we're delighted to now be able to offer full domestic support to the region." - Giles Cooper, Business Development Manager, EM Motorsport

The partnership empowers circuits with access to state of the art safety solutions that are trusted by leading international race categories and circuits. With ALITRAX's local servicing and support network, and EM Motorsport's technological expertise and innovations, this collaboration promises to deliver unrivaled safety standards for the benefit of all motorsport enthusiasts.

For more information about the range of EM Motorsport products available in Australia and New Zealand, including ALITRAX race circuit consultancy and services, please contact:

Jake Dempsey – Customer Success Manager, ALITRAX


Phone: +61 427 860 885

About EM Motorsport:

EM Motorsport is an advanced engineering company that provides motorsport venues, championships and national governing bodies with safety products designed using the latest technological developments.

Since its first marshalling system was introduced in 2006, EM has focused on enhancing its solutions, to create an integrated system for both trackside and onboard marshalling, and expanding to improve safety at all levels of competition.

Its FIA-homologated products can be found on every rung of the FIA single-seater racing ladder from F1 to F4, as well as in the NTT IndyCar Series, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, MotoGP and more.


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