Going Around the Bend

Going Around the Bend 2

One of our premier installation that involved Alitrax Consultancy services during initial planning. The Bend in South Australia is the worlds [...]
Karting Operations Solutions

Karting Operations Solutions 2

We would like to introduce you to the ALITRAX Karting Light System which is now available in North America.Alitrax has over the past eight [...]
Bringing the Crowd Back

Bringing the Crowd Back 2

One of our first installations in the US was an early model of our radar speed display. Installed on Mazda Raceways Laguna Seca main straight [...]
Industry Benchmarks

Industry Benchmarks 2

Alitrax is a comprehensive motor racing intelligence lighting and control system.Installed and controlling over 40 tracks in New Zealand Australia and [...]
Monticello Motor Club - New York

Monticello Motor Club - New York 2

Our good friends and technology partners at Monticello have just taken delivery of the next stage in their track development.A new supply of Alitrax [...]
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