ALITRAX Race Circuit System


ALITRAX Race Circuit System

Intelligent, connected circuit technology that creates the most immersive, and interactive experience for drivers, event holders and audiences.

With ALITRAX Race Circuit System, you gain:

  • A full electronic Flag Point Light and Safety system combined with intelligent Race Control Software managed either with central touch screen interface located anywhere on the track or via manual controls at the marshal point and starters box.
  • Automated FIA & FIM compliant circuit signals to display all standard safety flags to streamline driver communication via our MegaVis display screen.
  • Ability to better utilize circuit marshals during non-racing events, saving on overheads and improving safety.
  • Digital tracking and logging of incidents to improve safety and pave the way for interactive mobile applications.
  • Proactive noise monitoring bringing peace of mind for residents around tracks and ensure compliance with local regulations.
  • User-friendly software developed for Race Officials is available on both mobile tablet and touch screen Race Control PC
  • Innovative design options that can maximize revenue potential.
  • Professional consultancy services, managed installation and unmatched aftersales support and service.
  • The flexibility for all chosen elements to be deployed in a staged rollout.

ALITRAX Start Light

The impressive ALITRAX Start Light features ten panels with automotive grade LED technology, great for different types of starts: rolling, standing, safety car or aborted. Lights require no human involvement to automate start sequence, ensuring a completely objective start.


Located next to the start lights, the ALITRAX MegaVis display is a large 2sqm (22sq ft), full color LED screen sending messages and graphical flags straight to drivers from the central control system.

ALITRAX Flag Point Light 

The ALITRAX Flag Point Light system has been developed for use on large race circuits. It is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of worldwide motorsport standards. The automotive grade LED technology provides outstanding visibility for competitors and safety for officials.

ALITRAX Pit Lane Exit Light 

The ALITRAX Pit Lane Exit light features a four panel LED Cube Light system that provides outstanding levels of luminosity of red and green (with an option to have additional blue and white) in a compact package. The unit can be controlled from either Race Control or via manual switch on the side by pit lane exit marshals.