Alitrax is a world leading motor racing lighting, race control and information management solution set, catering for all motor racing types and enthusiasts across multiple track configurations - from iconic circuits to karting and rallycross.

The automated track signals and streamlined driver in-car communication significantly reduce, or even negate, the need for track marshals and manual flags, making it easier to run a racetrack at any time or day. Alitrax is integrated with many other safety and environmental management systems, such as noise monitoring, to ensure the track is operating within guidelines. In addition, in-car monitoring and two way communication solutions with race control provide a complete driver experience.

Race track owners, designers and event organisers can also have faith not only in the quality of build and installation, but in dedicated after sales service and support. Alitrax is becoming the option of choice for many racetracks around the globe, providing hardware and software solutions to world leading motorsport circuits and private motorsport facilities.

Alitrax is owned by Nautech Group and leverages off its significant experience in emergency management services, including electronics and emergency warning equipment for specialist vehicle fleets.